Beatle Ood

Classic Capitology begins the final push until Series 8 begins in August with a new set of caps for the William Hartnell story The Ark.  While technically a four-part story, this story is really two two-parters cleverly sewn together by its setting–though not by time.  And that’s the trick to see how the inhabitants of the Ark relationship with the servant class aliens, the Monoids, changes between halves of the story.  The Monoids are certainly striking, especially for 1966.

They were the Ood before the Ood was cool.

But the time jump used between episodes three and four, while clever, is merely a plot device as in some ways the plot is otherwise rather thin.  The introduction of the invisible Refusians in three and four is a cheat if ever there was one in early Doctor Who.

As an exercise The Ark works, if only just.

Classic Capitology stays on the case next time with a little late Fivey action.