Mr. Smith Goes to Gallifrey

Well the BBC certainly knows how to gin up interest in the program don’t they? It has to be said that the interim period between learning of the impending announcement of Friday to the unveiling Saturday was one of delicious anticipation for the THT Brain Trust.

This was truly the first ‘Next Doctor’ announcement for the internet age. Tennant was named just after the 2005 started rolling and we learned Eccleston was leaving. Eccleston’s surprise casting was made without terrific fanfare, and McGann was cast in the formative days of the net. So now Mr .Smith goes to Gallifrey, He brings the relative anonymity of Tom Baker and the exaggerated youth of Davison. It has to be said, at least for this fan–who started watching Doctor Who in 1981–that Matt Smith hadn’t even been born! I suspect that says more about me than him. In Moffat We Trust. Matt Smith also poses a bit of a challenge for internet scavengers, at least initially. Not much of a web presence. Still we’ve begun that process of building out the Matt Smith portion of the Tour