Flux Capacity

Well that was certainly the easiest teaser trailer to cap in Tour history, just 20 seconds of Jodie Whittaker speaking directly to camera.  And just like that, we’re back on the clock again.  And isn’t that a wonderful feeling.  But to make sure your trip here hasn’t been totally in vain, here are the caps for the very first teaser trailer from late July.

Knowing that there’s a road map for nu-Who coming down the line imminently also has the clarifying effect for other things that will have to be shelved for a while, at least until the promised run of six ends in December.  We had hoped to HD Re-classic-ate Sylvester McCoy’s first season before Series 13 starts, but that project has proven to be slightly elusive so far, so that’ll have to wait until the New Year.

Just like Series 13, it will be worth the wait.