Hole-y Hell!

There’s a certain reassuring quality to the notion that when the Doctor Who Production Team really, really, want to bear down and impress not only the fans but the general public as well, that they can slip it into gear and produce something for the ages.

With nu-Who that first time was The End of the World, which had the remit to show off in design what Doctor Who was capable of, surpassing the age-old arguments of being well-intentioned, but also just a little bit shabby at its core, bring perceptions (in 2005) bang up to date and thereby have Doctor Who be proud for all that it was and what it promised to be.

Now, and here we advise that the Tour could be slightly premature as there is a part two still to come, we have the most recent example in World Enough and Time.

There’s that slow sinking feeling that long-time fans know all too well when what they’re seeing something that is really nailing it in terms of tone and story pacing.  Utopia had it.  So did Listen on Capaldi’s watch.  It even works in reverse, especially for classic series stories which potential viewers had been sold as all-time greats.

If a story then delivers on that promise, as in The Caves of Androzani, then its place in the heart of a fan is cemented all the more.

This is ‘Genesis of the Cybermen.’  And we’re not too proud to admit that the realization about where John Simm had been hiding in World Enough and Time came to us very late.  That doesn’t happen very often, but then again World Enough and Time is a special story.  Well done everyone.  Onto the finale.

Images and caps for World Enough and Time are now online.