Greyhound Leader

To Trap One…  For a program which has been around for 47+ years, there are precious few deaths which create a stir.  Eight of the eleven Doctors are still with us, as are a fair majority of the companions which have graced the screen down through the ages.  But the passing of Nick Courtney can and should be a moment of reflection.

Always a character actor, you got the idea that the enduring affection for the Brigadier was bemusing to Courtney, who valued the part at the time for the safety of a paycheck, but was more than happy to sink back into the various character roles which he’d made his living before and after his tenure on the show.

Still the manner with which he often returned to the program also suggests that the Brigadier was a part which hung very well with him, and so he did with us.

Here at the Tour we honor him in the only way we know how.  We’ve separated his “Who Not Who!” pictures off into their own gallery.  We’ll also be putting Courtney pictures exclusively into the THT Rand-o-Pix of the Day feed for a week or so.

Those wishing for a more concentrated focus on Courtney and the Brigadier should head over to The Brig Blog. Lots to be had over there.

Over and out.