Golden Master

Just got this in on time.  January 23rd marks the 50th Anniversary for episode 4 of Terror of the Autons, the first story to feature The Master.  It’s one of those fundamental pivot-point stories that the Tour loves to soliloquize about in that it not only gave Doctor Who one of the all-time recurring foes but it also gave the Time Lords another face to counter-balance and personalize the Doctor all the more.  Autons also changed the overall tone for the Pertwee era and reset the UNIT dynamic in ways which would serve the series well for another 5 years.  And, oh by the way, Autons is just plain fun, not something to ever be discounted.

But this ‘Golden’ anniversary also pointed out a hole in the whole of the Tour’s content.  If we have galleries for Roger Delgado and John Simm, where are the galleries for Anthony Ainley and Michelle Gomez, each of whom recurred plenty of times, and certainly more than enough to have their own breakout galleries?

Problem solved.

As for the featured image attached to this post?  It’s a metaphor, perhaps more aligned with a 25th Anniversary than a 50th, but a metaphor all the same.  Just go with it.