Fussin’ Fluxin’ Flexin’

Say what you will about first focused trailer for ‘Flux’ and Series 13, there’s a certain distinctive quality about the visuals that will forever define the Whittaker and hence Chibnall era of Doctor Who. 

Here at the Tour we’re not sold on the notion of a grand story arc which will define this superannuated and abbreviated Series, but it has been done before, several times in fact, both in 1978 and 1986, which perhaps we’ll touch upon later.  For now though, let’s just enjoy the richness of what will soon be coming, not only because it really is all we will have to hold onto for quite awhile but because we think we’ll miss it when its truly gone.

Caps for the second trailer for Series 13 are online, but with the usual proviso that these will disappear once Series 13 is in full swing.