Scare … As Seen

The Tour is calling it.  Something that nu-Who has never done and that Doctor Who hasn’t seen since 1982.  In Thin Ice we’ve just seen the first true historical since Black Orchid.  Since the ‘monster’ at the bottom of the Thames wasn’t ID’d as either foreign or domestic, as it were, and there weren’t any other story elements which lend themselves to SF then Thin Ice becomes one of those rarest of Doctor Who stories.

After a heaping helping of character development in Smile last week, Thin Ice provided still more, up to and including a staredown between Bill and the Doctor over the consequences of their adventures.  It’s a memorable moment.

Of course there’s probably many an old school fan who secretly harbored a hope that the Terror of the Thames might be the Skarasen from Terror of the Zygons.  Well… we’ll just let that be our lil’bit of head canon.

There’s just a nice vibe running through Series 10 so far, and quite a contrast to the dour undertone which permeated Series 8.

Next week … someone’s knocking at the door.  Can’t wait to be ringing that bell.  Images and caps for Thin Ice are now online.