Cyber Island Suitcase of Doom

This weeks cap addition follows the devious pattern of going back one Doctor a week, this time stopping off at Revenge of the Cybermen.  This story is something of a curious beast, mirrored with The Ark in Space to save money on set design, and set amongst a monstery season to provide a cushioned fallback for viewers by the production team (Letts, Holmes, and Dicks) before they had cast the Doctor, this story had a somewhat forced feeling about it all, not fitting into the Pertwee style of storytelling and not at all like the Holmes/Hinchcliffe masters of the two seasons to come.

But it is the only Cybermen story between Troughton’s The Invasion in 1968 and Davison’s Earthshock in 1982, which upon reflection seems almost surreal in length (and ‘no’ the apparitions of a Cyberman from Pertwee’s fevered state in The Mind of Evil do not count as an appearance… just sayin’).  Still there are moments from the story that linger, including a certain exclamation by the Doctor about Harry.

It’s anniversary month for both Doctor Who and the Tour.  Expect the pace of events to quicken leading to a certain day later on.

More timey-wimeyness, including cap additions next week, to come!