In this weeks cap addition, Castrovalva, we here at THT Worldwide were reminded about what a unique story it is.  Having it be a post-regeneration story would normally be distinctive enough for any fan to pay attention to, but it’s easy to forget that it’s also the Tardis-iest story in the canon.  The Doctor’s Wife is by our reckoning the only nu-Who exploration of the Tardis, so newer fans might well forget that the Tardis is a world to be explored on it’s own, even though it rarely has been.

The Invasion of Time only delved into the Tardis out of sheer desperation.  The Edge of Destruction was a bottle story needed to move original cast between two epic stories.  Other than the appearance of the auxiliary control room for Season 14 and a few looks at rooms just off the control room once in a great while, the Tardis remains largely unexplored.

The Castrovalva caps offer a distinct improvement in breadth and quality over what was previously on file.  I wonder what next weeks addition will be?