… but the moment has been prepared for.

It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.  It had been planned to move to this new shiny spot on March 1st, but after our previous host (sincere thanx to Phenominet for many years of selfless serving of the front end of this site from near-infancy to the Leviathan stage) unexpectedly went belly up, we’ve moved the front end of the site here a little early. Please forgive the rough edges as we’re still working out the kinks.  Some page index navigation is occasionally wonky and we’re still coming to grips with this overdue overhaul of the site.  Don’t be surprised if the layout changes completely once or twice more as we’re still doing plenty of experimentation. But behind the front door, all of the Tour content continues where it has been. The new site will be updated with more regularity, and we look forward to more interaction with all of the Tour faithful.

Please update your RSS settings as follows.

Thanx for your patience, and patronage, during this transition phase for the Tour.  And keep an eye out.  There just might be a site-wide image update coming next week.