Center Field(ing)

In our never-ending quest to build a more perfect Tour, we occasionally, just occasionally mind you, see a hole that needs fixing.  We’ve seen fit to break-out most of the ‘longer’ term companions from the classic series into their own image galleries, with one glaring exception.  There was a reason of course, other than pure sloth on the part of the Tour Supremos, and it lies with the actress herself.

Janet Fielding had the distinction of being part of four seasons of the classic show, only Elisabeth Sladen in the colour era stayed longer.  But Doctor Who was a much larger part of her overall career in front of the camera than it was for Sladen.  Indeed, Fielding spent much more time as an agent for other actors than being one herself, and as such most of the photos we have are group pix with the rest of the Davison clan.  Still there were a few which we’ve broken out into a separate gallery.

Those waiting for the Adrienne Hill gallery will just have to wait a bit longer, I guess.