Can’t Get No Gatiss-faction

Aside from showrunners Russell T Davies and Steven Moffat, no voice has been more consistent in nu-Who than that of Mark Gatiss.  Mostly as a writer, but occasionally as an actor too, this is a man whose love for Doctor Who has spanned decades.  This isn’t news anymore, but is fodder for latest (and last we promise) list of Tour Rankings of Mark Gatiss stories.  For our purposes we’ll ignore his disguised cameo from The Wedding of River Song and concentrate on his more significant contributions.  Here we go.

  1. The Unquiet Dead  A loving pseudo-celebrity historical set a Christmas with ghosts and Dickens to boot.  We lapped it up.
  2. An Adventure in Space and Time  The lovely 50th Anniversary historical Special which didn’t shy away from William Hartnell’s more difficult personal attributes.
  3. Cold War  A classic series monster updated for the new series and (mostly) done right.
  4. The Crimson Horror  Gatiss’ take on gothic horror.
  5. Night Terrors  A neat little story that will never have look at childrens toys the same again.
  6. The Idiot’s Lantern  Hungry, and a little bit blank.
  7. Robot of Sherwood  A bit divisive depending on how you view the Doctor’s resistance to accepting Robin Hood as a real person.  A spoof or a splice?
  8. The Lazarus Experiment  Acting this time.  Originally had this higher on the list but it’s a little too on-the-nose for many.
  9. Victory of the Daleks  Spitfires  …. in …. space!

Thus endeth another list-th.  Listen beckons.

Addendum 9-11-14 Thanx to dinsdale who pointed out our omission of The Crimson Horror.