Cut (to) The Chase

Hand it the Classic Capitology team, when they put their collective minds to it, they can turn a story around quickly when needed.  Another small hole in the fabric of the Tour has been closed when the (pure) addition of caps for the William Hartnell story The Chase.

The Chase was only the third Dalek story.  It made perfect sense once the impact of the Daleks was felt to bring them home, even in the future, for The Dalek Invasion of Earth.  But when you come to The Chase, the threads already have begun to run very thin.

The Chase is almost a combo platter of a story, with format elements of another Terry Nation story The Keys of Marinus, a new setting each week, woven through it’s six episodes, as well as The Daleks Master Plan.  The Statue of Liberty, a haunted house, the Mary Celeste, Frankenstein, Dracula, Abraham Lincoln, the Beatles (they even get a credit!), and Peter Purves in two distinct roles.  It’s simultaneously too much and too little in the end.

What The Chase should ultimately be remembered for though is that this is Ian and Barbara’s last story.  Having seen An Adventure in Space and Time, it underlines Hartnell’s own sense of loss when their final goodbyes are said and he is the last original crew member to move on.  Doctor Who would be a different show from here on.  Not better necessarily, just different.

The number five (or six or seven) plays a big role Classic Capitology convenes.  Bring your felt-tip marker …. next time.