A Monster for a Carnival

Deciding to do a bit of tidying up of Jon Pertwee images when we came across some of the most ‘Who Not Who!’ images the Tour had ever seen.  The Honchos debated whether these merited inclusion at all as it seemed too far off the beam.

That’s Jon Pertwee buried somewhere underneath all that, from the 1966 film ‘Carry On Screaming!’  Pertwee was a veteran of the ‘Carry On …’ film franchise, part a loose, larger ensemble of comic actors from that era.  But he wasn’t the only Doctor Who star of the era to try on the Monster Mash.

Whereas Pertwee went for the funny, Patrick Troughton went for the gruesome, distinctly in the Hammer Horror vein with roles in ‘Scars of Dracula’ and ‘The Old Curiosity Shop. ‘

Then again as a consummate character actor he could be more fully expected to disappear thoroughly into a role.  But at least he was always recognizable.

Tom Baker, were it not for the eyes, would have been completely subsumed into the project he took on just before taking on the Doctor, the aptly named 1974 film ‘The Mutations.’

As Reinette said in The Girl in the Fireplace: The monsters and the Doctor. It seems you cannot have one without the other.