The Firm of Sladen, Sutton, and Langford

The Tour’s been feeling a bit insecure lately.  Luckily for the us we’ve secured the services of Sladen, Sutton, and Langford to address this vulnerability.

At the risk of lifting the perception filter, The Tour is actually two websites in one.  The front end which your adoring eyes have alighted to, and the back end where all of the image galleries live.  We dabbled with this recently but on April 6th the Tour will be converting completely over to a ‘secure’ SSL site.  Easily done on the front end (as it turns out) except it requires a lot of fiddly work on the back end.  We think we’ve got it figured out, but there’s a real risk it’ll knock out our image galleries for a limited time on April 6th.

Beginning April 7th the Tour will be best reached at ‘’  You concerned citizen needn’t fret, your browser of choice should do all the heavy lifting for you.