40 years… Happy Anniversary, with much fondness in remembrance of the past, and (what’s this?) anticipation for the future.

A significant anniversary such as this should and can bring back what it was to brought this particular fan to the series in the first place.  It was 1981, and I began, as so many American fans did, with Tom Baker, shown on Saturday mornings on WHA in Madison, Wisconsin.  As I got hooked, being a college student, the only way I could archive stories was to put them on audio tape and re-listen to these when time allowed.  It was a wonderfully evocative way to immerse yourself in the series.

Other avenues followed.  One of which is this site, which has now been around for six years.  So how am I celebrating this anniversary?   By listening to Doctor Who, especially Hartnell’s and Troughton’s.  Amazing stuff, all which makes me miss not having more of Troughton to have around.  Now we await events for 2004 and beyond

Happy 40th… and sixth anniversary….