Trap Her, Keeper

So the Tour has been quiet for a while (although savvy visitors have sussed out various improvements going on in the background, so to speak), but slowly, inevitably, the Tour keeps rumbling on (and on).

Amongst the more apt adjectives which describe The Keeper of Traken is ‘immaculate.’  From the overall design of the world of Traken all the way down to the costuming, ‘Keeper’ is a joy to watch.  Even the consuls are differentiated enough to invest interest in from the casual viewer.  Whilst  Keeper is now remembered primarily as the story which brought back the Master after a prolonged absence, we here at the Tour prefer to think of it as a glorious tale of, wait for it (especially in a Doctor Who context), seduction.

The wonderfully creepy Melkur takes the ambitions of Sheila Ruskin’s Kassia and turns them against her in an almost casual way, at first.  The darkness then spreads out through her and onto the rest of the cast and driving the plot from there forward.  It’s a great performance.

Those who deride, or at least compare unfavorably, Anthony Ainley’s portrayal as the Master, his appearance in Keeper as Tremas is him at his most restrained.

The beginning of ‘The Master Trilogy.’  Tom Baker was going out in style.  Did we mention that as ‘immaculate’ as we think The Keeper of Traken is, so are the new HDelicious caps

It had to happen.