The (School) Ties That Bind

A long-term fan back in 2005 could certainly be forgiven for wondering whether this new series of Doctor Who was really a continuation of the original series or more of a reboot, retaining the concepts and iconography of the 60’s to 80’s but changing almost everything else in a re-conception of the series for modern viewers.

Even through the Eccleston series these questions remained.  Sure the Daleks were around.  Aren’t they always?  But the latent doubts… well they lingered, until School Reunion in David Tennant’s first year.  Here we had as direct a tie to the original series as any fan could hope to have.  Arguably the classic series most popular companion was back, looking great and all in for the adventure.

But School Reunion was more than the title implies.  It had the good sense, not to mention humor, to comment about the very nature of the Doctor-companion relationship, and succeeded at each in turn, both past and present.  Bookending The Invisible Enemy from last week, this was K-9’s last story (in any real sense).

School Reunion was marvelous and left no doubt that this was a now not really a new incarnation of Doctor Who but rather a much delayed and loved extension.  One great big mythology to nurture and love.

The new caps for School Reunion follow the Modern Recap-itulation pattern of being both plentiful and in glorious pseudo-HD.

Another adventure into the realms of Classic Capitology beckon.  Cruise ship anyone?