The Quest is the Quest … for the Rest

With only the slightest of apologies to that CSO-iest of adventures, Underworld.  The Tour, as it has been constituted for quite a long while, is something of a perpetual project, one which keeps going as long as we have the gumption to do so as well (and the scratch to pay for the server, as a purely practical matter).

When ‘not in season,’ which, let’s face it, is the vast majority of the time these days, what keeps the Tour both growing and, on our best days, tidy, is the hunt.  And once in a while, perhaps a great while considering the duration of this enterprise, we come across an image which delights us so that we must share.

These ‘gems’ which seem to capture so much of makes Doctor Who special, are the fuel that keeps us going.

And so the hunt continues, just as it always has.