The House of Holmes

It’s helpful to be reminded, once in a great while, that the Tour attempts to be a Doctor Who resource.  For those in front of the camera there’s an extensive set of Who-Not-Who! galleries highlighting their careers away from Doctor Who.

Marking the careers of the significant production personnel is quite different as most significant careers are defined as sub-eras for Doctors, but there are a precious few whose contributions for Doctor Who span multiple eras, and we start here with Doctor Who’s singular wordsmith, Robert Holmes.  His most significant contributions spanned the Pertwee and Baker eras, including the fondly-remembered early Baker years when he was the script-editor.  But his own stories were famous for double-acts, pairs of supporting characters such as Jago and Lightfoot from The Talons of Weng-Chiang for whom the dialogue crackled.

As with all story indices, in order to find stories with screen captures a little more easily, we’ve inserted a TV symbol ( or ) where appropriate into each of the Doctor’s index pages which links to the relevant SC page for that story. This should make these images more accessible as well.  Get after it!

Code Title SC Doctor, Assistants Time Original Air Dates
WW The Krotons Troughton, Jamie, Zoe 1:26 12/28/68 to 1/18/69
YY The Space Pirates Troughton, Jamie, Zoe n/a 3/8/69 to 4/12/69
AAA Spearhead From Space Pertwee, Liz, UNIT 1:32 1/3/70 to 1/24/70
EEE Terror of the Autons Pertwee, Jo, UNIT 1:30 1/2/71 to 1/23/71
PPP Carnival of Monsters Pertwee, Jo 1:34 1/27/73 to 2/17/73
UUU The Time Warrior Pertwee, Sarah, UNIT 1:31 12/15/73 to 1/5/74
4A Robot Baker, Sarah, Harry, UNIT 1:31 12/28/74 to 1/18/75
4C The Ark in Space Baker, Sarah, Harry 1:33 1/25/75 to 2/15/75
4B The Sontaran Experiment Baker, Sarah, Harry 0:49 2/22/75 to 3/1/75
4E Genesis of the Daleks Baker, Sarah, Harry 2:14 3/8/75 to 4/12/75
4D Revenge of the Cybermen Baker, Sarah, Harry 1:31 4/19/75 to 5/10/75
4F Terror of the Zygons Baker, Sarah, Harry, UNIT 1:32 8/30/75 to 9/20/75
4H Planet of Evil Baker, Sarah 1:28 9/27/75 to 10/18/75
4G Pyramids of Mars Baker, Sarah 1:33 10/25/75 to 11/15/75
4J The Android Invasion Baker, Sarah, Harry, UNIT 1:30 11/22/75 to 12/13/75
4K The Brain of Morbius Baker, Sarah 1:33 1/3/76 to 1/24/76
4L The Seeds of Doom Baker, Sarah 2:16 1/31/76 to 3/6/76
4M The Masque of Mandragora Baker, Sarah 1:33 9/4/76 to 9/25/76
4N The Hand of Fear Baker, Sarah 1:34 10/2/76 to 10/23/76
4P The Deadly Assassin Baker 1:29 10/30/76 to 11/20/76
4Q The Face of Evil Baker, Leela 1:34 1/1/77 to 1/22/77
4R The Robots of Death Baker, Leela 1:31 1/29/77 to 2/19/77
4S The Talons of Weng-Chiang Baker, Leela 2:16 2/26/77 to 4/2/77
4V Horror of Fang Rock Baker, Leela 1:30 9/3/77 to 9/24/77
4T The Invisible Enemy Baker, Leela, K-9 I 1:27 10/1/77 to 10/22/77
4X Image of the Fendahl Baker, Leela, K-9 I 1:29 10/29/77 to 11/19/77
4W The Sunmakers Baker, Leela, K-9 I 1:29 11/26/77 to 12/17/77
5A The Ribos Operation Baker, Romana I, K-9 II 1:35 9/2/78 to 9/23/78
5E The Power of Kroll Baker, Romana I, K-9 II 1:23 12/23/78 to 1/13/79
6R The Caves of Androzani Davison, Peri 1:33 3/8/84 to 3/16/84
6W The Two Doctors Baker, Peri 2:09 2/16/85 to 3/2/85
7A The Mysterious Planet Baker, Peri 1:31 9/6/86 to 9/22/86
7C The Ultimate Foe Baker, Mel 0:53 11/29/86 to 12/6/86