The 34th Cave on the Right

It’s been awhile since the Tour talked directly about The Caves of Androzani.  Although we’ve referenced Caves many times in recent years it been over four, since the end of our 50 for 50 Project, since Caves was a post focus, and the occasion of this writing is the 34th Anniversary of the broadcast of episode 1 back in 1984.  The Tour itself was founded on the 34th Anniversary of An Unearthly Child so there’s a nice bit of symmetry there.

It’s hardly an audacious statement to say that Caves has been so loved and for so long that it’s almost dismissed in some corners. But if it’s been awhile since you either saw Caves or even considered watching it. curiosity will not be your downfall.

The Tour regards Caves as an old reliable friend. and we make sure to watch the story once, perhaps twice a year, but not more than that. Holding the memory of a great story is every bit as important as the story itself, and the occasional booster shot makes the story indelible.