Eleven Impossible Girls Before Tea Time

Delayed but not denied, the Tour finally presents caps for The Name of the Doctor.  As mentioned at the time of airing this was, upon reflection, a top 20 all-time episode, and easily the best of the split season overall.  Matt Smith was simply wonderful, whether he was overcome with emotion early in the episode with Clara, or underplaying with River Song at the end of the episode.

Of course the revelation that Clara was splintered came as little surprise, but that she had done in service of repairing the Doctor’s timeline was a nifty twist, and allowed Moffat to work her into various classic clips.

Getting these caps for The Name of the Doctor finally folded into the Tour puts us back on the path towards weekly cap contributions spanning the whole of the series, shoring up areas where the Tour is relatively underrepresented and perhaps even venturing over somewhat old ground in a new and improved way.

The intention is to keep up the pace with these cap additions all the way to the precipice of the 50th Anniversary.  So much Doctor Who history to cover, and less than six months to work it all in.