A Rose at Ten

We’re a little late on this but, and this seems so strange to say, but the 10th Anniversary of nu-Who is fast approaching.  In fact, the 10th Anniversary of the ‘leak’ of Rose just passed.  Where did the time go?  Fortunately, the answer is into lots and lots of Doctor Who.

What’s important to remember we surmise in all of this is the delicious feeling of anticipation all of us who were around then.  Images and chatter and trepidations were flying fast and furious and it all added to the pile.  This was different than 1996, almost by necessity.  Doctor Who was back home, wholly British, and hopefully something to be proud of.

And the best part of all is that it all worked.  Of course, there would be missteps along the way, and the pauses in production as things changed behind the scenes luckily ended up being more like extended vacations than that dreaded 80’s echo, a hiatus.

We should never take for granted what we have here in this ten-year-old entity.  Did the news awhile back that there some consideration about wrapping up the series when David Tennant left come as a surprise to you too?

Even as much of a money-spinner as Doctor Who has become (and it should be mentioned for those of us who were around in the 80’s, was even then), nothing lasts forever or should be considered wholly safe.  Regimes within the BBC change, ones which aren’t beholden to the decisions made more than a decade ago.  It has happened before after all.

We’ve re-introduced the countdown clock to commemorate this Rose by any other name.

Now, speaking of leaks earlier, will people pick up the pace and start getting more set report photos for Series 9 out…. We’re dyin’ here!