The Ten Specials of Christmas — #2

The penultimate story in our Christmas countdown was also the first…. for Matt Smith.  A Christmas Carol was a deft combination of Moffat-style timey-wimey as well as a neat turn of the Dickens classic.  The fairy tale qualities of flying fish and masterpiece casting of Michael Gambon provided an amazing first Smithmas for us all.  By any right it should probably be #1 in this poll, and for quite a few fans it undoubtedly is, but one still remains, rooted in the heart of this fan here at THT Worldwide.

To review so far here is the parade in our Christmas Countdown

#10 – Voyage of the Damned
#9 – The Feast of Steven
#8 – The End of Time Pt I
#7 – The Doctor, The Widow, and the Wardrobe
#6 – The Next Doctor
#5 – The Runaway Bride
#4 – The Dæmons
#3 – The Unquiet Dead

Wonder what #1 will be?  Don’t use a process of elimination.  Find out tomorrow.