No Ritual Sacrifice Required

At first glance, it would seem that the lethargy and attendant attention deficit associated with a long break between seasons (not to mention between Doctors, more or less) had caught up with the Tour.

Or maybe we were enthralled by 84% totality for the recent solar eclipse (which as it turns out isn’t any more dark than the sky before a decent thunderstorm).
And normally you would be right.

Instead, the Tour Honchos finally got off the dime and attended to something they’ve been grousing about doing for years.  Namely a complete rebuild of the nearly 700 image galleries which comprise the Tour.  The goal in doing this would be to provide something visually more appealing all while incorporating even more functionality into image presentation and finally making the galleries responsive for different device types.

We think we succeeded.  Lord knows it was certainly a big enough project and took a lot of experimentation to work everything in to match our exacting standards.  In so doing we uncovered a number of minor bugs and inconsistencies and corrected them (and it should be noted hopefully didn’t introduce as many new bugs as were squashed).

We like it a lot and hope you will too.  Now attention turns to that growing molehill of images which are patiently waiting to be incorporated into the Tour.