A Game of Thorns


Classic Capitology nicks some relatively low-hanging fruit before a slight sabbatical with new and improved caps for the William Hartnell story The Rescue.  Although a slight, almost bare two-parter smack in the middle of the second season, the story is nonetheless important because it was the first story after the departure of an original cast member, and this would set a precedent, more so in The Romans (which was capped not too long ago) than here about how the series would not only adapt to this kind of change, but eventually thrive on it.

As The Rescue introduces Vicki this is very much her story giving Maureen O’Brien plenty of room to emote (and breathe out her lines heavily).  She gets plenty of interaction with Barbara and eventually the Doctor and when the story concludes her invitation to the TARDIS comes off as very natural.  Other than that there isn’t much to say about The Rescue (Koquillion/Bennett is a bore ultimately). Change had well and truly come to Doctor Who, and isn’t that a wonderful thing…

The new and improved caps for The Rescue greatly increase the breadth and quality over previous Tour holdings.  Where ever shall Classic Capitology meander off to next…

Short Hops