You Can Run But …

Hide makes no pretense about what it is.  It’s a spook-fest playing on familiar tropes, but whereas Neil Cross’ The Rings of Akhaten lacked plot cohesion, Hide had a nice backbone to it that held up well upon reflection, and for that reason alone places it in the top half of our Dynamic Ratings Table.

As with all of the other 7B stories, Hide was a sumptuous visual feast with the burnt forest scenes being particularly effective.  All in all a really nice, though not compelling story. A couple of other observations…

  • Didn’t the house look an awful lot like the house in Pyramids of Mars?  I know it’s not, but that inadvertently took this fan out of the story.
  • A pet peeve popped up again in this story, the reversed shot.  This hasn’t happened since The Pandorica Opens, but directors and editors just can’t get away with this because Matt Smith (and his fine follicle formation) gives it away every time.
  • There was a bit of a Timelash vibe in going through the portal.
  • You could be easily forgiven for thinking from some of the publicity photos that we were revisiting The Waters of Mars.

A much better assortment of photos to cull through this week.  Apologies for the lateness in getting these together (a bothersome power supply) but the caps are both plentiful and gorgeous.