Two Bits a Million

Lost in all the hubbub of finishing the season was the minor achievement of having the Tour surpass 250,000 images.

That’s something of a milestone isn’t it?

Whilst a site devoted to Doctor Who History, it’s not unimportant on occasion to mark our own.  When the site turned five on November 23rd, 2002 and adopted a continual display format, we passed the 10,000 images in overall site content, with the 10,000th image shown on the left.  At the 13th Anniversary, we had moved past 100,000 images (with the 100,000th image shown to the right).

Now we stand at a quarter million.  While it would be fair to say that with the conclusion of Classic Capitology, the exponential growth in image content within the Tour is likely over, there’s always more to discover, and, as they said in Underworld, “the quest is the quest.”  And of course, there’s new Doctor Who on the horizon with Husbands of River Song looming at Christmas.

The 250,000th image is above.  Pretty neat.