Time Thrash(ing)

How often does Doctor Who not only break through the fourth dimension of time but also the fourth wall of drama … that it directly addressing the audience.  William Hartnell did it in The Daleks Master Plan and Tom Baker followed in The Face of Evil and now Peter Capaldi has done so in Before the Flood.
If you’re like the THT Brain Trust you probably kept thinking where the people (presumably O’Donnell and Bennett) were that the Doctor was addressing, and it turned out to be the audience itself.  It also turned out it was probably necessary as Before the Flood bore marked similarities to Time Crash in it’s timey-wimeyness.

That’s not to say that there was much in the way of wibbly wobbly to go along with the other.  The Fisher King was suitably menacing and so solid a creation it bore up under daylight filming quite well, and the vibes of School Reunion in that conversation worked well enough.

Overall just a nice, solid conclusion for a 2-part story, and that’s an achievement in itself.

Caps and images (sorry in advance that these are little more than the ‘standard’ set so far this Series–though that’s about to change) for Before the Flood are now online.