The View from the Moff

It’s SD Comic-Con weekend here (somewhere lying about) in the tundra, an embracing of all things both geek-ery and creak-ery and, if the blog-trocrasy had its way, fast approaching a national holiday of sorts on the level of the Super Bowl or even (gasp!) Valentines Day.  Anyway it allows us here at THT Unlimited to indulge a very rare foray into video with an extended panel that Steven Moffat did at SDCC in July 2008.  Mind you this was after he had accepted the job but prior to actually taking over in any true sense of the word, and four or months minimum before Matt Smith was auditioned and cast.

What’s fascinating about this 30-minute panel clip, although it really shouldn’t be in hindsight, is what a clear vision he had for his Producer-ship of Doctor Who even then.  Watch it, then reflect on Series 5 and ask how close to his 2008 vision he strayed and what that might mean going to forward to Christmas 2010 and into 2011.

BTW there’s a gi-normous site update coming August 1st….  Stay tuned.