The Tour Take’th … The Tour Give’th

What with the debugging of putting a new theme in place and changing some other under-the-hood nonsense which ultimately no one cares about but needs to be done anyway, that sort of thing, a few line items fell aside which really should have received attention in the aftermath of The Pilot.

There are new images there as well as quite a few in The Peter Capaldi Miscellany, most of which are attached to the publicity run-up with the Who-ey Hole sidewalk art.  We here at the Tour admit were suckers for this sort of thing, and in its own way it’s the inverse of the Series 8 above ground construction.  It’s just the sort of fun cleverness which can be taken for granted all-too-easily.

The end of The Pilot saw a ‘Coming Soon’ trailer of sorts for the remainder of Series 10.  We’ve put together a final temporary gallery for those images but, as promised, are removing the other temp galleries which teased us into the season.

We assume that if you’re curious enough to venture there, you’re also okay with spoilers.  Can’t say you weren’t warned.