The Isosceles TARDIS

Under the Wish-We’d-Thought-Of It-First department, the Honchos over at Blogtor Who took note of an oddly pleasing Anniversary today July 14th.  We are now equidistant temporally from Rose on March 26th 2005 as Rose was from the last episode of Survival in 1989.

That’ll make you think won’t it?

Blogtor then quite rightly noted how (with the help of a few spacers such as the one we’re in now) Nu Who has outlasted many other shows which also debuted back in 2005 and is in better shape than any of them.

For those of us who endured the desert which spanned those 15+ years and would necessarily leap at any scrap of hope especially in the years 1990-93 until the lack of a 30th Anniversary came and went to extinguish that hope once and for all, we know that petty complaints aside, Doctor Who is still in pretty decent shape.

Here’s looking forward to that day in April 2031 when Nu-Who will match the 26 year original run of the series.