The Fisher King

Writer David Fisher has one of those odd, somewhat concentrated Doctor Who pedigrees.  A significant writer or contributor during the Graham Williams/Tom Baker tenure, he was responsible for The Stones of Blood, The Androids of Tara, City of Death (first draft), The Leisure Hive, and this weeks Classic Capitology contribution The Creature from the Pit..  With the exception of The Leisure Hive (which was tonally overhauled by JN-T and CH Bidmead), Fisher’s stories always seemed to bring a lightness of touch and impish humor at a time in the shows history when it was not only needed, it had been dictated from above.

To be fair The Creature from the Pit is probably the least regarded of his efforts here and it was caught up in the schizoid nature of Season 17, and looking at that season as a whole, it kind of splits the difference between the twin nadirs of Nightmare of Eden and The Horns of Nimon and the heights of City of Death.  Great character actor Geoffrey Bayldon as Organon is in fine form here, with a twinkle in his eye that would be sadly lacking in Graham Crowden a few stories later.

Notice so far that mention hasn’t been made of Erato, the second straight week for Classic Capitology has come across a really unfortunate green-y monster, though it’s done here with more sympathy than last week in Warriors of the Deep.

The Creature from the Pit is utterly disposable classic Who, but the new set of caps are almost a pure add for the Tour.  That’s a good thing isn’t it?  Classic Capitology hits the way back button almost as hard as it will go … next time.