The Faster Horse

Once in a great while there’s a breaking point with the tools the Tour uses to bring all of this very particular kind of wonderfulness to you.

The Tour passed the point of no return with the otherwise wonderful Picasa which the Tour has used for a long, long time, but which Google deprecated a long, long time ago.  We moved on to Digikam which boasts all of the functionality and better yet is still being maintained.

This led us to a review of our other tools for image collection, organization, and light editing.  So for those keeping score at home:

  • XNviewMP Our image viewer manager of choice with loads of options.
  • Jalbum Amazing tool for generating image galleries, with “skins” to customize the output.
  • Anti-Dupl A tremendous tool for finding duplicate looking images. More than just a duplicate file finder.

Regularly scheduled programming resumes … next time.