The Capaldi Reaps the Whirl-Wind (Tour)

As part of the run-up to the premiere of Deep Breath in just seven days time (as of this writing) Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman have engaged in a whirlwind global tour starting in Cardiff on August 7th and then moving on to London, Seoul, South Korea, Sydney, Australia before moving onto New York with stops to go (again as of this writing).

These Tour stops have produced scads of lovely images, more than enough to jump start The Peter Capaldi Miscellany (though we note there are other non-Tour images as well), thus we’re presenting these in advance of the season, and with two stops still forthcoming in Mexico City, Mexico, and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, there will be more to come.

Classic Capitology makes one last stand before Series 8 commences.  Sounds like the setting of Deep Breath has a lot in common with this one … next time.