The 19th Whole

It’s funny the tricks a gap year will pull on a person.  The lack of ‘seeming’ forward momentum can lead to a certain laxity to which we here at the Tour fully confess.  But there are still important dates to be observed and remembered, and foremost amongst them is November 23rd.

53 years.  Even three years after a much more lauded anniversary, this should still be remembered as an astounding achievement in concept and inventiveness.

Here at the Tour November 23rd is also an Anniversary for us.  19 years ago we launched with a concept for moving through Doctor Who, season by season, all the while building an image collection which attempts to tell the story of Doctor Who down through the years in pictures.  Eventually we moved to a permanent display format, endured many many growing pains, and extended our reach while maintaining our focus as a pre-eminent Doctor Who resource.  We hope you like the content as much as we like presenting it.  And speaking of which …

  • The turn towards the holiday season unlocks our annual Christmas tradition, the original Doctor Who Christmas Special, The Feast of Steven.
  • Re-started the countdown towards The Return of Doctor Mysterio.
  • Finally, we have HD re-capped the only story in the whole of Doctor Who which could both be considered part of the Classic Series and (if you stretch we understand) the current run with a new set of gorgeous caps for The Enemy Within, the 1996 TVM starring Paul McGann.

19 Years, 264K Images, Many Many Thanks.