The 103rd Planet

In a life and career which literally spanned more than century, Doctor Who was but a small footnote for Earl Cameron OBE.  He appeared in only two episodes, the first two of William Hartnell’s swansong The Tenth Planet as one of two astronauts doomed by the appearance of Mondas, but Cameron also seemed to be everywhere over his lifetime.

There he was in Thunderball, there again in every third episode or so of Danger Man and other ITV staples of the period (at least it seemed to be that way).

More importantly he appeared in many productions wherein his portrayal marked the first time a black man had played such a part, like an astronaut for instance.

There are plenty of other, deeper obituaries for Cameron out there, but for a site dedicated to Doctor Who history, how can we let a bit of living history (he almost made 103!) pass without acknowledgment.