That Master Guy…. Now He’s Major League!

Even the most spoiler-phobic fan must know by now that John Simm is coming back for The End of Time.  While it remains to be seen what role he will have in the 10th Doctor’s impending regeneration, it’s worth noting how important the Master has been in the history of Doctor Who.  Despite not even appearing until the 8th Season, thereby missing out on the Hartnell and Troughton eras, by our accounting the Master has played a role, either direct or indirect in 3 of the Doctor’s regenerations, those being the 4th, 5th, and now 10th.  Now we admit the case for his involvement in Davison’s is more than a bit tenuous, but the Master is the last face he sees, and we’ll make up for this by asserting that had Roger Delgado lived, he would have undoubtedly been a part in Pertwee’s send-off.

Looking at it this way he’ll by 3 for 8 in regenerations, a batting average of .375.  Now that’s Major League level villainy.  Even putting Hartnell and Troughton back into the picture only lowers this percentage to .300.  So here’s a salute to a Big League effort.