A Tear Sarah Jane? Yes Indeed.

Everybody and their brother will have something to say today about the passing of Elizabeth Sladen.  I myself had a sharp intake of breath upon reading the news not only due to it seemingly coming from out of the blue (I had no idea she was battling cancer) but also because she just seemed so ageless.  It’s sometimes easy to forget she was Jon Pertwee’s last companion (look at how young she seems to be in that picture to the right) because she spent so much more time (it seemed) with Tom Baker.  Certainly, that run of stories are what I’ll always treasure the most.

And yet she always seemed to elevate the material around her, a quality which kept her fondly remembered and kept her association with the program very current indeed.

Thank you Liz.

Awhile back we set aside a “Who Not Who” section for her work outside Doctor Who.  We encourage everyone to visit that the see her through the years.