Rogue Trip

Over the river and through the woods….  Thanksgiving time here in the tundra means packin’ up and goin’ to the relatives, usually in a car trip of some length, which in turn means music (or podcasts, some of them Doctor Who related, of some length).  The THT Brain Trust has some old reliables, traditions unto themselves, with which to accompany us on this trip, but it isn’t music per se.  For a long time I’ve made sure to bring the audio from various shows with me to fulfill these special occasions as it’s a wonderfully evocative way to re-visit some of these old faves.

On a very long plane trip in May 2005 I made sure I had audio from the first few stories of the Eccleston series to take my through the 8-hours we were airborne.  It was glorious.  I always find a way to bring audio for the last two episodes of The Prisoner, Once Upon a Time and Fallout.  I dare you not to drive down a long, straight road very fast whilst listening to that.  I also brought a Macnee/Rigg Avengers episode The Cybernauts (which aired a year before The Tenth Planet).

Another essential track in this vein is audio from The Caves of Androzani.  Oh how we love this story.  And who knows?  Next year we might be taking Vincent and the Doctor along for the ride.

What Doctor Who do you take on trips?

P.S.  It turned out that because I did a disproportionate amount of the driving and to spare the other passengers (ahem, family) from their howls of protest, I didn’t get around to listening to much of the above audio on this trip… But I’ll always take it with me.