Pieces of Eight — The 8 Specials of Christmas

If it’s late December it must mean a couple of things for Doctor Who fans.  First, of course, is that we’re running headlong into another Christmas special (just imagine saying that in 2001!), and the second is that every website does their own variation of a Christmas countdown.  Here at THT Towers we’re no less guilty of this than anyone else.  Last year we counted down the seven Christmas specials (to date).  A year has passed but our resolve hasn’t weakened in the slightest, so here we present our countdown lost (in one go this time) of the 8 Specials of Christmas.

What can we say, you never forget your first special.  The first of the modern run of Christmas Specials not only had to entertain the masses, it was the first post-regenerative story in the modern era and had to educate viewers in that as well. But what sets this story ahead of all others in our opinion is it’s sense of scale.  While very much a Christmas story, the invasion as the title suggests was massively global, and the way the cast reacts seems very in keeping.  Rose’s increasing helplessness and courage in the face of the threat make the story work.  Billie Piper was probably never better than here.  And Tennant showed in his brief twenty minutes many of the manic qualities which defined his early run of stories.

Matt Smith’s first Christmas Special A Christmas Carol was wonderful and we liked it a ton.  We have similarly high hopes for The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe.

Happy Holidays to all.