Don’t Talk About Flight Club

Fresh of a relatively unloved story from the Hartnell era, the lads over in Classic Capitology Division have alighted on another less than well-remembered story.  The Davison era had a familiar pattern.  The best story of the season was almost always next-to-last with the end of the season always a rather dreary disappointment.  The King’s Demons falls into this category (following Enlightenment) as does The Twin Dilemma (stretching a point after The Caves of Androzani) but the story which set the model was Time-Flight.

A thin idea using the Concorde and the Master (the first real sign that a little Anthony Ainley goes a long way) there are simply too many characters in search of a plot (one co-pilot just wanders around seeing others but hardly mattering) and even a casual viewer could tell the money was running out.  Lots of TARDIS scenes going on here.  There was even a CSO sequence that would’ve made an Axon proud.  Even poor’ol Nyssa gets bubble-wrapped out of the action for a while.

This is not to say that Time-Flight is a bad story, just an indifferent one–in the extreme.  The new caps are lovely however.

With the days dwindling down to the 50th, Tour honchos have extracted a promise from Classic Capitology for more ‘classic’ stories.

We’ll see how they do… next time…