New Series, New Look for the Tour

The advent of a new series lingers tantalizingly close, a culmination of the thoughts and labors of many Doctor Who fans. Similarly, the Tour has pushed out a brand new look, in the works, on and off (ok…mostly off) for quite a while.  We’ve finally moved off our old design to a cleaner, simpler presentation whilst keeping most if not all of the under-the-hood structure which the Tour has been running on.

At the same time all of the individual story galleries have been overhauled and moved over from the client-side, java based system which was hopelessly out of date in our implementation to a server-based solution.  Thumbnails are bigger and story indices are now responsive which is a big improvement.  It will also be much easier to update story galleries without the need to regenerate whole galleries from scratch.  That being said we’re also finding that the new back-end for generating the story galleries can occasionally wreak havoc on servers, so we apologize in advance for any intermittent problems.

As for Series 9, the Tour is poised, as it always has done ‘in-season,’ to present new images and caps related to the most recent broadcast story soon after transmission.  That said, we’ve already put together screen cap galleries for the Series 9 Prologue and The Doctor’s Meditation.  Both seem quite portentous.  We can’t wait to see more.