Mud Baths for Everyone

We have an expression that serves us all too well here in the tundra surrounding THT Towers, that being if you don’t like the weather, wait 15 minutes.  The Claws of Axos was famously dogged by inclement weather to the extent that extra dialogue had to be added in just to cover the wildly varying filming conditions back in 1971.

18 years later The Curse of Fenric had a similar effect befall that production.  It’s funny to watch this otherwise really solid Sylvester McCoy story run from torrential rain for snow flurries to brilliant sun within the space of a few scenes.

Fenric is one of three stories that the Tour is revisiting because we weren’t totally happy for the quality of the caps that existed before.  This has now been rectified.  Another should be winging its way to you soon.

The Tour has been going through a quiet period of late, but as the days narrow before Season 9 drops, the Tour Brain Wizards have been beavering away at something big prior to the 19th.  We think it’ll be worth the wait.