Mondas, Mondas, Can’t Trust That Day

With Series 10 looming five weeks hence there’s much to do here at THT Towers, so much so that our missives of late have been regrettably few and far between.  But there are few moves the current production team could do that ould prick our collective ears more than the news, now several days old, that the original Mondas Cybermen would be part of the Series 10 finale.

There are several interesting questions that arise from this pertaining to continuity, not only of the Cybermen themselves but also of Mondas (which was destroyed in The Tenth Planet) and whether that matters or not.

What’s worth remembering is how weird those initial cyborgs were, with their cloth faces and hands and sing-song open maw voices.  They have been successfully ret-conned into obscurity but it’s more down to how quickly they evolved into a streamlined version of themselves, even as early their next story The Moonbase, as the reason why they were memorable.  It’ll certainly be interesting to see how they’ll be received later this year.

The Modern Re-Capitulation team have been beavering away in advance of the new season.  They’ve capped the following stories for your viewing pleasure:
The Fires of PompeiiHuman NatureThe Family of BloodThe Sontaran StratagemThe Poison Sky, and The Doctor’s Daughter.

Happy capping.