Mock Box

What curious timing this week that Modern Recap-itulation drops in with updated caps for World War Three because it’s certainly been chaotic here at THT Towers.  Months of server stability for various wings of the Tour crumbled in ways which not only caught Tour honchos flat-footed but which also proved quite thorny to workaround.  At the risk of making you cry for us here at the Tour one of the consequences of our overall size is that we really have to spread the load around (any wing of the Tour over 1gb in size–which is becoming more and more common–becomes needlessly difficult) in order to sanely manage the file structure but also cost.  But there are hosting solutions we like, perhaps a bit too much, and when they let us down the ‘fun’ begins.

And best of all it may not be over with.

But what about World War Three?  This was the story which set the pattern that the first part of a two-parter nu-Who (and in this case we use the term advisedly) would be better than the back-half.  World War Three largely reduces the action to the reinforced bunker/conference room at No.10 and Jackie Tylers apartment.  People in rooms.  People running between rooms.  Bog standard drama staples.

World War Three also underruns quite noticeably.  There’s enough character filler at the end of make it all work but it still shows (although we note this was where Mickey began his character restoration).

Back to the comfy confines of Classic Capitology next time.  We might just finish off one end of the Tour with this one.