Let the Simm-shine In

So…. here we are, on the precipice of a regeneration.  Hopefully you, like the THT Brain Trust, are staying as ignorant as possible regarding possible spoilers for the second half of The End of Time.

But here’s the thing…. RTD has built a reputation for big, splashy, and often incoherent season finales, with the first half of the story always being the most interesting of the two.  The End of Time however may buck that trend.  It has to be said the story so far is a bit of a mess, with too many “and what was the point of that?”  (such as the Master’s overwrought resurrection of the electric confrontation between the Doctor and Master) moments.  Still what shines are the work of the three principals so far in the story, Tennant, Cribbins, and Simm.

Tennant has so far has had the least to do (but the furthest to run it must be said).  Cribbins is the emotional fulcrum so far, using his oh-so-expressive face to great effect, and allowing himself (and us as well) to tear up when the moment call for it.  As for Simm, well the man has certainly suffered for his art so far hasn’t he with more costume changes than in a Las Vegas revue. But it’s his intensity which most captivates us, and doubtless will next week also.

And now the TimeLords are back as well. sounding thunderously like they were in the BF Romana/Leela stories.  Nevertheless here at the Tour, we suspect that the logical assumptions that either the TimeLords or the Master will bring about Ten’s Regen are something of a feint.  Could Wilf be the Doctor’s (unwitting) executioner?  You don’t introduce the gun without it being used at some point.

Images and caps for The End of Time are now online.  It should also be noted that we’ve done our best to separate images for parts one and two of this story based on what we’ve seen thus far.  Don’t be surprised if images are moved around or are introduced based on the remainder of the story.  Hang on for the ride!