Kinda Thankful

Another Anniversary, both for Doctor Who and this lil’ol’site, is upon us (okay we know it was a few days ago… accept the premise and enjoy the bit).  18 years for us and 52 for the show. And in something which hasn’t happened since 1989, the show’s anniversary occurs ‘in-season’ which in turn puts the Tour Brain Wizards in a reflective mood.  It’s important to remember what a precious commodity this show is and the vast history and reach which continue to inform us both in the past and we feel sure in the future as well.

As we are in-season and the requisite demands that go along with it, the usual goodies the Tour aims to bestow upon the masses confine themselves to one important aspect of the Tour.

We are pleased to announce the end, save for any missing stories which might be hiding in a disused basement in sub-Saharan Africa, of Classic Capitology with new, improved sets of caps for Kinda and The Mind of Evil, the latter of which is now in glorious ‘color.’

Before the end of Series 9, the Tour will move past 250,000 images in overall content.  It took 5 years just to get to 10,000, another 8 years to surmount 100,000, so being within sight of a quarter-million after another 5 years just marks the exponential growth of the Tour.

Thanx again for your patronage of the Tour. 18 years old is ancient by web standards. We’ll be applying to vote here soon.  We’re still kicking it for content and are glad you here for the ride.