It Might Be Logopolis Time For a Part of the Tour

The scaffolding upon which the Tour resides can occasionally show a bit of a wobble, much in the way that studio sets in the classic series were so often accused of having been.

Still the sophisticated Tour technology that undergirds the Tour has been mostly stable until May 1st, when Tumblr deprecated its sharing API and broke the functionality feeding the images from the THT Rand-o-pix of the Day back into the Tour.  We’ve run this far-flung satellite of the Tour more or less in its current form since 2011, and the management tools Tumblr provides makes for a great no-muss-no-fuss way to get more Tour content out to a wider audience, but Tour Honchos (understandably) maintain that this must still be part of larger whole, so it will be with regret that the Tumblr portion of the rand-o-pix will grind to a halt when the current queue expires in a few days.

But, as was said in Logopolis, the moment at least has been (grudgingly) prepared for.  Although the Tour Honchos have deep and abiding problems with their parent company, Instagram will be the new abode for the THT Rand-o-pix of the Day.  We’re still learning as we go, but it’s the closest replacement, minus some of the scheduling capabilities, to what we did with Tumblr.

So … at least for part of the Tour, it’s a new body … at last.

However if you, the always-generous Tour patron, know of another way to feed pictures back into a WordPress site that we may find interesting, let us know and we’ll explore it.

Update May 23rd: It appears that tumblr has made interoperability happen again, so we’ve reverted to our previous arrangement.  Nevermind?